About Us

INSITE is a coordination action sponsored by the European Union program DG Connect on THE INNOVATION SOCIETY, SUSTAINABILITY and ICT.

INSITE’s principle purpose is to contribute to the achievement of sustainability for society and the environment, both by research and practice, bringing people from different communities together to develop and promote a set of common ideas and strategies aiming towards a sustainable future.

INSITE’s consortium includes scientists and practictionersfrom a range of disciplines, including physics, economics, geography, anthropology, modelers and ICT developers, merged together in a transdisciplinary and complexity-based approach, and practitioners engaged in various kinds of projects and organizations that are oriented primarily by social values, rather than market value.

INSITE is an open community willing to collaborate with all individuals and organizations committed to constructing alternative answers to the problems we have identified, by sharing information and experiences in this website or other media, as well as by designing and developing common actions and strategies for the present and the future.