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INSITE project is based upon some fundamental assumptions:

The way in which our society is organized has become more and more dependent on innovation, simply intended as the ability to constantly generate new artifacts.

The social, cultural and technological aspects of innovation processes are inextricably linked through a positive feedback dynamic.

This positive feedback dynamic generates inherently unpredictable externalities that can threaten the sustainability of the environment and social organization itself.

The only way society can respond to this is by changing the way in which it monitors, evaluates and engages in the processes through which it transforms its own organization.

In order to achieve this, a deeper mobilization of civil society through its active engagement in participatory policy projects is needed.

Our perspectives:

/// The innovation society

In the Innovation Society, citizens are just consumers hungry to satisfy needs they didn’t know they had; firms work to create those needs and the products that satisfy them – that is, they innovate, or they die; and governments make sure that nothing, from social justice to cultural enrichment, gets in innovation’s way. Continue reading »

/// Innovation and sustainability

Is the innovation society sustainable?
Or are there alternatives that might result in a sustainable, ecologically responsible and economically viable society, consistent with such basic European values as individual liberty, democratic governance, and social justice?” Continue reading »

/// Innovation dynamics

How does innovation work? How do new things lead to other new things and what are the emergent effects on society and the environment? Continue reading »

/// Innovation and policy

How can innovation be focused and directed? Can its direction be provided by civil society rather than the market? Bottom-up strategies for innovation should be designed combining some measure of societal control with flexibility. Continue reading »

/// Engaged research

Engaged research is driven by explicit assumptions about the researcher’s role in enhancing knowledge as well as improving human well being. Continue reading »

/// Epistemology and complexity

We aim to develop an epistemology based on dialogue among different disciplines and a complex system perspective that avoids the temptations of reductionism. Continue reading »