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University College Cork

Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C)

4C is one of the leading academic centres of constraint programming research in the world. It has over 40 staff members, including academics, research staff and students, from over a dozen countries and collaborates with researchers from many countries. In the last six years, members of 4C have presented more than 40 full papers at the three leading artificial intelligence conferences, the American and European artificial intelligence conferences (AAAI and ECAI) and the International Joint Conference in AI (IJCAI). In addition, 4C has published many papers in the major specialty conferences, Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming and Integration of AI and OR Techniques in Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimization Problems. 4C’s Industry Associates has over 50 members. 4C is collaborating on research projects with several companies, both multinational (e.g. Xerox, IBM, Cisco, Google and British Telecommunications) and local (e.g. Treemetrics and Gtelemetry in Cork, the Fintrax Group in Galway).

Key Team Members

Richard Wallace is a 4C Senior Staff Scientist at 4C and will be leader of the 4C team. He has made numerous contributions to the field of constraint programming and has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in this field. His recent publications include work on knowledge maintenance, preference representation, and techniques for problem solving under dynamic conditions. Some of his current work is in the field of decision analysis; another current research interest is extending constraint-based reasoning to more knowledge-intensive domains, in particular, to problems involving knowledge discovery. Wallace has managed two projects, funded by Enterprise Ireland and the EU, and has collaborated on numerous other research projects. Wallace has a Ph.D. in psychology, and he published several significant papers in the early days of modern cognitive psychology before switching his focus to computer science.

Gordon Rios is a Marie Curie Research Fellow working in the CREEDS program. Over the past fifteen years, he has been a principal contributor and led teams in several Silicon Valley companies, including building out large scale internet services and platforms for search, data mining, and machine learning at internet and web 2.0 companies such as Inktomi, Zvents, Sharethis, Proofpoint, and Yahoo. At 4C, he is specializing in the development of web based applications and services for decision support, data mining, and optimization.

Main Tasks in INSITE

4C will lead INSITE’s work in representing agent cognition, decision-making and action under conditions of ontological uncertainty, an important component of WP3. This is an area currently underdeveloped, practically untouched, in artificial intelligence and computer science in general, which 4C, in collaboration with INSITE’s experts in innovation dynamics, look forward to exploring. In addition, Rios’ experiences in Silicon Valley and the web-based ICT knowledge and competence he acquired there enable him potentially to make valuable contributions in the fourth case studies of WP2, in possible ICT-based pilot projects in WP4 and in WP6, and in the debates about generalized ICT in WP7. Because both Rios and Wallace have significant computer science and ICT competences that are scarce or nonexistent at ECLT, it is expected that both will spend time visiting ECLT to interact with its researchers in innovation and sustainability.

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