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Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

UMR Géographie-Cités laboratory

The UMR Géographie-cités laboratory is one of the largest structures dedicated to research in geography in France. Its official status is a joint research unit between French CNRS and Universities of Paris I and 7. About fifty persons are permanent research staff, among whom 11 researchers from CNRS and 35 teachers from the two universities, as well as 5 technicians and engineers. More than 70 PhD students are currently supervised within one of the three research groups composing the laboratory

The UMR Géographie-cités develops fundamental research on urban systems including world wide comparisons through data bases, quantitative spatial analysis and modelling. Advances were made here for developing an evolutionary theory of systems of cities, transferring concepts and models from mathematics and “hard” science towards human and social sciences, as self-organization or synergetics. The laboratory was also a pioneer in conceiving agent based models for simulating the emergence and development of systems of cities (the SIMPOP model). The laboratory participated in European projects including ISCOM, TiGrESS, ESPON.

Key Team Members

Denise Pumain is professor in geography at University Partis I Panthéon-Sorbonne and Director of Cybergeo, European Journal of Geography. Former Chair of the Commission on Urban Development and Urban Life of the International Geographical Union (1992-2000), she is since 2006 director of the European Research Group S4. She was one of the four principal scientists in ISCOM.

Lena Sanders is research director at the CNRS, former director of the laboratory and coordinator for the French team in TiGreSS program (developing the Eurosim model).

Anne Bretagnolle is professor at University Paris I. She currently coordinates the construction of data bases on communication networks and the analysis of their co-evolution with urban systems in a variety of urban systems (USA, France and South-Africa) as well as along maritime lines with Cesar Ducruet (CNRS researcher) and on research networks with Marie-Noëlle Comin (research associate).

Official website: www.parisgeo.cnrs.fr