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Tech4i2 is an SME that provides research-based evidence and practical support for public and private sector organisations in the successful utilisation of technology for policymaking, service delivery, performance monitoring and benchmarking. It has an extensive experience in the area of ICT-supported innovative and inclusive policies and strategies. Its areas of expertise include fostering public sector transparency and citizens engagement in the public sphere (social computing, web 2.0 for eParticipation); modernisation of the delivery of government services (eGovernment); and broadening the participation to the knowledge and information society and technology usage to address social exclusion and development (eInclusion). Tech4i2 makes the most of its very strong links with government policymakers in the UK and throughout Europe and its network of highly experienced and established experts to develop activities throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Recent projects include Crossroad, a research roadmap on ICT for governance and policy modeling; PADGETS, policy gadgets mashing underlying group knowledge in Web 2.0 Media; and Enterprise 2.0, a study on the significance of enterprise 2.0 in Europe.

Key Team Members

David Osimo
is partner and director of Tech4i2. He has 15 years experience working on ICT innovation policies and projects and is one of the leading European experts on web2.0 in government. From 2005 to 2008 he worked in the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (Institute for Prospective Technological Studies), where he was coordinating research activities on eGovernment. Previously, he worked as advisor and project manager on public policies for innovation and information society in local and regional government in Milan, Brussels and Bologna. His current interests cover the development of new policy frameworks for open and user-driven innovation, the role of design and creativity in innovation policy, and in particular the impact of web 2.0 on public services. He has a blog on government 2.0.

Katarzyna Szkuta is a Policy and Communication Specialist at Tech4i2. Her expertise, gained in several pan-European projects, spans innovation policies, new technologies, website communication strategy evaluation, social media usage in communication as well as qualitative and quantitative research methods. Prior to joining Tech4i2, Katarzyna worked as a teaching fellow at the University of Warsaw, in a Brussels-based communication agency and in a management consultancy in Warsaw. She holds a PhD in Applied Social Sciences from Warsaw University.

Main Tasks in INSITE

The TECH4i2 team will apply its knowledge of ICT and its applications to government and social innovation to WP7’s work in reconceptualizing technology in general and ICT in particular to include its functionality and role in the organization of agent-artifact space. It will also help to provide an ICT perspective the work on managing innovation networks of WP6.

Official website: tech4i2.com