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Universidad de Alicante

LaTex – LAboratory of Theoretical and EXperimental economics

The Universidad de Alicante was created in October 1979. Today it is the fastest growing university in Spain, with about 40,000 students. DEc carries out research in: behavioral, evolutionary and experimental economics; economic growth and development; economic history; finance; game theory; health economics; industrial organization; labor economics; microeconometrics; macroeconomics; public economics; social networks; statistics and econometrics; urban, rural and regional economics; and welfare economics.

Currently, there are 40 students enrolled in the DEc’s MSc. and PhD Programs, coming from all over the world. LaTEx is a research unit of DEc specializing in experimental economics. Current research in the laboratory, relevant to INSITE, includes experiments designed to test the impact of institutional changes in network organizational structures.


Key Team Members

Giovanni Ponti is the head of UA’s INSITE team and will be leader of WP6. He is Associate Prof. in DEc and Director of LaTEx. He received his PhD from Univ. College London in 1997, and since then has published in microeconomics, evolutionary game theory, and experimental economics.

Alberto Cottica is an economist interested in rewiring public policies for Internet-enabled mass collaboration. He has directed several projects powered by online collaboration between citizens and institutions, both in Italy and at the European level.  He used to be a rock musician, but he is trying to quit.

Official website: www.ua.es