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Chalmers University of Technology

Complex Systems Group

Chalmers University of Technology takes part in INSITE with its Complex Systems Group,  widely active in Chalmers in both instruction and research since the 1980’s. It currently offers a M.Sc. program in complex adaptive systems, and six students enrolled in DEE’s doctoral program have earned PhD’s in complex systems, carrying out research under the direction of CSG staff.

CSG researchers have led WPs in several EU projects, including PACE, EMBIO, MORPHEX and GSD, as well as having leading roles in several national projects. Research areas include social systems, molecular and mesoscopic dynamics, and statistical mechanics and dynamical hierarchies.

Key Team Members

Claes Andersson is currently a research fellow in CSG and will become assistant prof. in DEE in autumn, 2010. His research interests include long-term social dynamics, particularly of urban systems and the evolution of knowledge, and epistemology, especially with regard to complex systems simulation. He completed his PhD in 2005 under the direction of Kristian Lindgren. From 2000-2005, he worked with Prof. Steen Rasmussen at Los Alamos Laboratories. In 2005-6, he had a postdoctoral appointment with Prof. David Lane at UniMoRE and ECLT.

Kristian Lindgren is currently Prof. of Complex Systems at DEE, Chalmers, Director of CSG, and Co-Director of ECLT. Trained as a physicist, he has published in evolutionary game theory, the evolution of cooperation and modeling of social dilemmas, cellular automata, and information theory applied to self-organizing systems as well as to models of microscopic dynamics. During the past decade, he has worked extensively on development of energy-economic models for the study of regional and global energy system development under different climate targets and policies.

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