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Green Communities

Green Communities (GC) is a project financed by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and sponsored by the Union of Mountain Communities (UMC). The project aims to develop processes through which small communities can become energetically self-sufficient and achieve sustainable development trajectories based on low energy-use production systems, with the help of teams of experts who will carry out studies on the territory, develop plans together with local administrators, and introduce appropriate standards and technologies.

During the first year of life, the project carried out pilot projects in four different mountain communities. The results of these pilot projects have to be widely diffused, and then the Ministry will accept proposals from other communities for European funding to carry out similar projects (there are more than 4000 communities that could become involved in GC-related activities).

Paolo Gurisatti, associated with the UNIVE INSITE-MD team, is the scientific coordinator of the project, and he and his team will play a DIPO role in promoting and enabling initiatives that follow on GC activities.