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Education Pioneers

The Education Pioneers programme is stimulating bottom-up, teacher-led innovation in the Dutch education system. The programme aims to empower teachers and enable them to give direction to improvements in their working environment. They innovate the education system based on their own ideas.

The program provides supports in the form of a budget, professional coaching and a new learning network. It thus offers space, opportunities and a platform for pioneering teachers  to be innovative and improve their everyday work situation. At the same time it is a learning experience for schools to innovate from within and bottom-up. In this regard the Education Pioneers Programme is a counter reaction to

  1. the long running debate about ‘top-down’ innovations without the involvement of experienced teachers, and
  2. a lack of professional space.

In the school year 2012-2013 Education Pioneers will take place in primary, secondary and vocational education. You may read the most recent updates on the website www.onderwijspioniers.nl (in Dutch).