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This event has passed.
Masters of Networks 2
April 9, 2014 10:00 am
April 10, 2014 5:00 pm
Alberto Cottica
+32 4 8507 4709
March 16, 2014
The Hub Roma
+39 0698378085
Google Map
viale dello scalo San Lorenzo 67, Rome, 00185, Italy
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Masters of Networks 2 takes place in Rome, at The Hub Roma, on April 9th and 10th 2014. Think of it as an interdisciplinary hackathon around network science, with policy makers to ask relevant question, network scientists to help model it, data scientists to crunch the data and policy makers again to interpret the results (more).

When What
 Wednesday 9th April
 9.30-10.00  Welcome and registration
 10.00-10.30  Alberto Cottica: Thinking in networks: what it means for policy makers. Warmup presentation
 10.30-11.00  Organization of workgroups
 11.00-11.15  Coffee
 11.15-13.00  Hands-on work
 13.00-14.00  Lunch
 14.00-15.45  Hands-on work
 15.45-16.00  Coffee
 16.00-18.00  Hands-on work
Thursday 10th April 
 10.00-11.00  Hands-on work
 11.00-11.15  Coffee
 11.15-13.00  Hands-on work
 13.00-14.00  Lunch
 14.00-15.45  Hands-on work
 15.45-16.00  Coffee
 16:00-18.00  Conclusion: groups document the work done and present it to each other


Confirmed participants:

  • Luca Mearelli, Wikitalia
  • Guy Melançon, INRIA
  • Raffaele Miniaci
  • Giovanni Ponti, University of Alicante
  • Benjamin Renoust, University of Bordeaux
  • Khatuna Sandroshvili, UNDP Georgia
  • myself, University of Alicante and Edgeryders
  • Aline Pennisi, Italy’s State accounting service
  • Fabrizio Cobis, Nicola Bianchi and Roberto Pagnani, Italy’s Education ministry
  • Gaia Marcus, Royal Society of Arts
  • Federico Bo, Cineama
  • Mathieu Ferry, Sciences Po
  • Tito Bianchi, Public policies evaluation unit, Italy’s Economic development ministry
  • Carlotta Mismetti Capua, D di Repubblica
  • Maurizio Napolitano, Open Knowledge Foundation Italy
  • Jonne Catshoek, Elva
  • Matteo Fortini, University of Bologna
  • Paolo Gurisatti, ECLT

More invitations are in the loop; more importantly, everyone is welcome: the event is completely open. If you are interested in public policies, networks science, data science; if you think you would enjoy an interdisciplinary public policy hackathon-ish, Masters of Networks is the place for you. It is also free of charge, though we will have to cap the number of attendees to about 20 people. If you want to attend, just drop me a line of email at alberto [at] cottica [dot] net. We might even be able to help you if you have no money and wish to attend. The event’s hashtag is #MoN2. Are you ready?