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15 Mar / 2014
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Life is a storyboard. And it’s determined by crossroads, and decisions that we make in those critical turning points. Change the decision at the crossroad, you change your life.
As part of the EU project INSITE “The Innovation Society, Sustainability, and ICT” (EU Coordination Action, aiming to explore the concept of social innovation and ICT) GA n. 271574 the European Centre for Living Technologies aims to document the results achieved in a series of international workshops. ECLT also aims to communicate to the widest possible audience the notions, as above, of storyboards, crossroads and decisions.
The service provider is invited to develop a project that satisfies the following requisites:

  • Content: INSITE project’s results, as already explained
  • Target: the broader possible: common people, manager, policy makers, institutions, etc…
  • Goals: production of a video (4’ max), suitable for viral dissemination, appointed with online distribution/communication strategy and able to involve – even proactively – the target. The video can express its efficacy through the most different ways, and so it can be ironic, surprising, emotional, educational, interactive, etc..
  • Project realization deadline: before the end of May 2014

Download the full ToR


Deadline for proposals’ submission: 2014-03-31
Proposal must be sent to: eclt@unive.it Subject: INSITE VIDEO

26 Sep / 2012
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Public sector has a significant role in stimulating economic growth as has been evident from the current economic and financial crisis. At the same time, citizens and in particular younger generation are becoming more vocal in monitoring and influencing policy decisions. Future scenarios are likely to show greater complexity and citizens’ involvement.
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