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25 Sep / 2014
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Come to Venice“, the artistic documentary by Benedetta Panisson, will be shortly honoured with one of the most important academic award. The Istituto Veneto’s Journalism Price for Venice Award, (ex æquo with Dirk Schümer Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagzeitung journalist) bestowed on works dedicated to Venice future, safeguard and nature.

The awards ceremony will be at 11 a.m., on Sunday, September 28th at Palazzo Franchetti, Accademia, Venice. The awards ceremony is open to public. The complete version of the documentary will be screened for the first time in Venice.

Come to Venice” has been part of the EU project INSITE coordinated by the European Centre for Living Technology .

24 May / 2013
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P2P Food Lab project won the 2013 edition of OuiShare Awards in Paris (http://ouisharefest.com) in the P2P category.

The competition was really challenging and P2P Food Lab project (proposed by the University of Barcelona, OKNO Belgium, the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris, ECLT at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and Libelium Communicaciones Distribuidas) was up against four other fantastic projects that made it to the last round (in total there were a 100 submissions to the Awards).

This award will give the project – whose main aim is to design and develop a Collective Awareness Platform for peer-to-peer urban food systems – a good visibility in what is now a growing community of people and organizations that understand the need and the value of sharing economy, hands-on, bottom-up, P2P projects.


19 Apr / 2013
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Why a prize?

The environment in which policy-makers work is becoming more challenging by the day. The world is increasingly unstable, complex and interconnected, as the financial crisis has shown, and the tools are inadequate. At the same time, many citizens reject collective action through traditional parties and look to take an increasingly personal and active role in policy decisions, mirroring their personalised, simple and relational experiences using web-based technologies and social media. Policy-making 2.0 refers to a blend of emerging and fast developing technologies that enable better, more timely and more participated decision-making. We want to reward and give visibility to the best applications, those which delivered a real impact on policy-making.

What are policy-making 2.0 applications?

This prize will be given to the best policy-making 2.0 applications, that is for the best use of technology to improve the design, delivery and evaluation of Government policy. We focus on implementation that can show a real impact on policy making, either in terms of better policy or wider participation. These technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Open and big data
  • Visual analytics
  • Modelling and simulation (beyond general equilibrium models)
  • Collaborative governance and crowdsourcing
  • Serious gaming
  • Opinion mining.

Condition for participating will be the real-life implementation of technology to policy issues - potential implementation cases will not be eligible.

How to participate?

The prize is open to citizens and organisations from all over the world. Participants have to submit a short form, illustrating:

  • Name of the application
  • Name of the applicant and contact details
  • Year of launch of the application
  • Description of the application, with particular reference to what extent it addresses the award criteria

Proposals should be submitted by May15th

How are the winners selected?

There will be three winners.

The criteria for judging, equally important, will be:

  • What impact did it have on the quality of policies?
  • How open, scalable and replicable was it?
  • How extensive was public and policymaker take up?
  • How was it technologically innovative

The jury is to be confirmed soon.

What is the prize?

The 3 Winners will receive high profile visibility ensured by our media partners, Euractiv.

An IPAD mini will be distributed to all winners.


April 30th Launch with dedicated website

May 15th Deadline for submission (through a very simple form, including link to a video)

May 15th-May 28th Preselection of finalists (first screening by project team)

April 1st – April 15th Selection of the winners (by Jury)

For more information please refer to http://www.crossover-project.eu/PolicyMaking20Prize.aspx


26 Feb / 2013
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Youth unemployment is one of the most visible plagues of our society.

Eurostat statistics show that, on average, the European unemployment rate in 2012 of young people under 25 y.o. is of about 22,9%; Spain has recently reached the 53,2%, while Italy the 29,1% (2011).

At the same time we know that young generations are more prone to the use of social media and of other ICT tools. approximately 8 out of 10 Italian youngster, between 16 and 24 y.o., have an Internet access.
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04 Jun / 2012
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Insite’s member Sander van der Leeuw, an archaeologist and anthropologist by training currently dean of the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University, is among the six winners of the 2012 United Nations Champions of the Earth award prized at Rio de Janeiro past June. Professor van der Leeuw, winner in the Science and Innovation category, has spent his career studying human-environment
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