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Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything – Don Tapscott, Anthony Williams

The book explains This book describes the quite recent phenomenon of collective collaboration that has been possible with the diffusion of Internet. It is relevant for our research because collective mass collaboration is both an innovation of process, and the process by which some innovations are made. For instance the biggest encyclopedia ever, “Wikipedia”, or many important open source software. These two examples are free products (even if open source software has often a strategic importance for ICT companies), but the book deals also with the usage of mass collaboration in order to do business (and in my opinion, to exploit people), like in the so called “crowd sourcing”.

Other topics are about new kind of collaboration in science, prosumers (producers and consumers), and new collaboration platforms in the heavy industries.

all this in a precise way but without lot of original material. I consider it a great introduction for the reader that has only a superficial knowledge of the topic, while the expert could find a lot of already know information. Anyway the book is well done and without mystifications.

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