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Paolo Gurisatti

Born in 1954, he lives in Arcugnano (Berici Hills, beautiful site in the middle of Veneto Metropolis, the sprawling metropolitan area Northeast of Italy). Industrial Economist, Entrepreneur and Local Development Agent. Since 1979 he has been concerned with the following topics: - Small Business (SMEs competitiveness at an industrial scale) - Industrial Districts and Clusters (competitiveness of localised networks of SMEs and development of new market systems) - Local Development (constituency as the result of a cognitive game, involving different agents at the local level - territory productivity, sustainability and "productive" identity) - Innovation (Social Construction of Technology by the means of public policies, innovative networking and generative relationships). President of STEP (Research Centre on Society, Territory, Economics and Politics in Vicenza - Italy). CEO of MDA - Masters in District Administration (www.mdareview.com). President of Habitech (www.dttn.it) Technology District of Energy and Environment in Trento. He has taught in different Italian universities (Venice, Padua, Udine and Trento) and participated to research projects, events and masters in different regions of the world: Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, USA, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Jamaica, Greece, Tunisia, Syria, Russia, China, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand. In the near future he is engaged with the following perspectives: - green economy (as a third industrial divide) - landscape design (as a constituency and local innovation system) - ISSC - Integrated, Sustainable and Secure Community (as an alternative to traditional urban concentrations, metropolitan areas and industrial districts).

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