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/// Olof Soebec

Ólöf Söebech is born in Reykjavik Iceland, but she has lived in several places around the world, and for the last 6 years her home has been Brussels. Ólöf comes from a broad background. She studied both in the field of environmental studies and contemporary dance and has worked in the field of dance, education, research and activism. In 2008 she completed a Masters degree from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels) in Human Ecology. After working almost 4 years at the university conducting European research on sustainable consumption and production, Ólöf felt she needed inspiration and real role models. So many problems with our world, and so little action at political level, from companies and people. She decided to leave her work at a university for a while, to search for inspiring people who live in cities and who are defining their own creative ways to lead sustainable and meaningful lives. She also figured that there must be many feeling similar to her. So she decided to share her journey and her discoveries others who could be interested? That is how www.everydaystories.be became.