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/// Michael Szell

Michael Szell is postdoctoral fellow at SENSEable City Laboratory (MIT) since 2012. His background is in Technical Mathematics (M.Sc., Vienna University of Technology) and in Physics (Ph.D., University of Vienna). His research interests cover the analysis and modeling of complex socio-economic systems, social dynamics and mobility, and social networks from a statistical physics viewpoint. Michael's Ph.D. work focused on the analysis of social networks and collective behavior between players of his Massive Multiplayer Online Game "Pardus", www.pardus.at. At SENSEable City Lab he is involved in projects focusing on social networks and human behavior in cities.

Papers by Michael Szell: Date
Measuring social dynamics in a massive multiplayer online game 06 Aug 2012
Multirelational organization of large-scale social networks in an online world 06 Aug 2012