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Balint Domolki

Degree in mathematics: 1957 at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest. Postgraduate degree (PhD equivalent) in computer science: 1966 at Moscow State University. Two six-month fellowships abroad: Manchester (1963), Stanford (1974). Participated in the building of the first electronic computer in Hungary: 1957-59, later hold managing positions in various Hungarian software development organizations: - Computing Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1957-65), - Infelor System Engineering Co. (1965-77), - Computer Research Institute (SzKI): (1977-89). Founder and managing director (1990-97) of IQSOFT, a spin-off company of SzKI Having retired from operative management, in 1997-2003 was chairman of the Board of Directors of IQSOFT, later member of the Board of its successor, IQSYS. Since 2003 as a freelancer, performs advisory activities for various national bodies and professional organizations - 2003-04 advisor to the Ministry of Informatics and Communications and - 2005-10 expert at the National Council for Communications and Information Technology President (1985-90), later honorary president of the John von Neumann Computer Society

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Interesting Sources on Technologies and their Social Implications 04 Oct 2012