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Alberto Lusoli

After six years as a R&D manager for one of the leading marketing agencies in Italy, I decided to jump into the research field joining the European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT) in Venice where I'm now working on the Emergence by Desing (MD) project. The research consists of carrying out case studies on innovation in ICT, in particular with respect to the cascading changes in social organization and societal-level attributions they bring in their wake. The work include the development of agent-based models that capture the most important phenomenology that arise in the case studies. I'm also studying how technology, more sepcifically e-deliberation systems, could be used to engage civil society in the co-contruction of a socially sustainable future.

Alberto Lusoli's book reviews Date
Eco-Republic, Melissa Lane 21 Aug 2012
Satisfaction guaranteed, Susan Strasser 08 Aug 2012

Alberto Lusoli's presentations Date
Engaging Society through Games and Gamification 20 May 2014
ICT for Education and knowledge creation 20 May 2014
e-deliberation in Cesena: a very serious game 20 May 2014
INSITE and ICT: Games and Gamification 21 Oct 2012