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Stories of change: your ideas for a sustainable future

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21 Jul / 2014
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The globalised society is going out of control, for many reasons.

The innovation ideology, which dominates current political and economic discourse, emphasizes the importance of priming the pump of technical invention as the only way for tackling the social, economic and environmental crises which challenge the sustainability of our societies. But this faith in the salvific power of innovation can also be seen as a primary factor inducing these crises, through the cascade of unanticipated (and often unpredictable) consequences that follow in the wake of innovation processes.

In the last three years, the INSITE project had been investigating on how it might be possible to change the way European society organizes its transformation processes, in order to achieve a higher level of social cohesion and to steer innovation processes in socially positive directions.

In its multidisciplinary journey, the project involved and interacted with the Social Innovation world, a movement capable of inspiring many young people to explore new career opportunities, which combine entrepreneurialism with the desire for social change.

But despite the success and the results achieved so far, we believe that Social Innovation still lacks the concepts and means to orient its development in more socially promising directions. This is the case because up to now, nobody has addressed, with a usable robust methodology, the problems of monitoring and steering in socially positive directions the cascades of unexpected social and attributional transformations that innovations trigger.

With this video, we want to share our ideas about innovation and unpredictability and opening a call for “stories of change”: examples of how an unexpected event, an idea, an artifact, or a person changed your life, or the story of your community, in a better way.

Have you an inspiring story to tell? Share your thoughts by posting it below!

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