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Masters of Networks 2: Where does research funding go?

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09 May / 2014
Author: Alberto Cottica Tags: , , , , Comments: 1

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Team 2 at Masters of Networks 2 investigated the pattern of allocation of research funding in Italy, using official data from the Italian Education Department. They had rather intriguing questions: do research institutions form semi-stable coalitions to scoop up the funding? What role do external consultants play? Are they also part of the coalitions, if there are any?

Team 2 had a healthy mix of policy makers (mostly from the Education Department and the Italian Treasury) and network and data scientists, led by INRIA’s Guy Melançon and University of Bologna’s Matteo Fortini. Their conclusion:

These intense two days of collaborative work did convince the group of the potentialities of the SNA. One by-product clearly was to refine the questions policy makers originally had, in light of what the data as able to uncover.

Read the whole paper that came out of the session, it’s well worth it.

  • luigi 26 Nov 2015

    Hello! The paper doesn’t seem to open

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